Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? 

Choose Sunrise is founded on the belief that no one should feel afraid to ask for help with alcohol use. As a senior manager in the corporate word and mum of 3 teenagers I've experienced firsthand the anxiety of knowing you are drinking too much but being so afraid of the stigma of being labelled an alcoholic that you just don't ask for help.

I hear you...
  • You love a drink – you’ve always loved a drink

  • You know you drink more than 14 units a week, but always lie to the GP

  • You hold down a job, maybe raise children, and are outwardly successful

  • You’ve tried to cut back but it always seems to creep back up again

  • You wake up at 3am, unable to sleep and promising yourself you won’t drink tonight

  • When tonight comes, a glass of wine starts to sound like a good idea again, after all

  • You’re unhappy with the amount that you are drinking

  • You don't identify as an alcoholic; you have alcohol free days – you might even have done Dry January or Sober October

  • You’re tired of putting rules in place, only to find that these rules go out of the window after the first few drinks

  • The thought of living without alcohol fills you with fear

  • You see yourself as a drinker and struggle to imagine yourself living without alcohol

  • You’re afraid of asking for help because you don't want to be labelled an alcoholic

It's exhausting, isn't it?

There are millions of people in the UK who drink to dangerous levels. Most of these people hold down good jobs, pay the mortgage, raise children, and lead successful lives. These grey area drinkers are often afraid to ask for help because  of the stigma  surrounding alcoholism. In any case, they are only aware of AA and rehab, which they know they don't need.

Choose Sunrise offers a different solution. If you've had enough of waking up at 3am promising yourself that you won't drink tonight, only to find that your resolve has disappeared by the time wine o'clock comes around, then Choose Sunrise Membership is for you.

Shh...can you keep a secret?

Most people imagine that life without alcohol is boring. Spoiler alert - it's far from it! There is a close-knit, vibrant and growing population of people just like you who are living their best lives free from the alcohol trap.


If I gave you a pill that would improve your sleep, reduce anxiety, reduce your risk of chronic diseases, improve your brain function, help weight loss, improve mental health, give you better skin and better hair, improve your memory, improve your mood and save you money - I think we'd all be hooked!


 I have worked with dozens of people just like you to re-set their relationship with alcohol.  I’ll show you how to free yourself and live a life that is happier, healthier and full of potential.

The Choose Sunrise Solution

I understand that you absolutely do not need or want to  access traditional 'alcohol services' such as AA or rehab. You just need some help to get out of the cycle of moderation attempts that always result in you being back where you started. 

By joining Choose Sunrise, you'll get access to weekly group coaching sessions that are tailored to where you are on your journey. These sessions are packed with tools, techniques and tips that will prepare you for the early days of sobriety, support you through those crucial first 101 days and then help you to work out what's next for you, now that you're feeling confident in your shiny new sober shoes.

Why 101 Days?

Forever is one heck of a long time, or at least we hope it will be! You don't need to commit to sobriety 'forever' to join Choose Sunrise, just for 101 days.  That's about how long it takes most people to have a complete reset of their relationship with alcohol. 

If you get to day 102 and decide to go back to drinking, there is absolutely no judgement whatsoever.  You might be surprised to learn that most people no longer want to drink and never go back, but the choice is always yours.

Which Group is Right for You?

Sober Curious

You're  curious to try out sobriety out and want some help preparing for a complete re-set of your drinking.


You want additional 1 on 1 support to help you reach your goals.

Day 1 to 101

You are ready to commit to 101 days of sobriety and want the best possible chance of success.

Sunrise Light

A flexible program that allows you to check in for support when you need it most

101 Graduates

You have 101 or more days of sobriety under your belt and want to build a happier, healthier life.

Not Sure?

Book a 30 minute call to work out how we can best support you.